It is easy to join the LIPTSA with our Online Membership Form! Just click the button above to get started. Or  you can download a printable form using the links below.

Anyone can become a member! We welcome grandparents, friends, family, and any member of the community who would like to support students' and the school community's potential. We invite you to join because we can do more together!

We offer member scholarships!

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Printable Membership Forms

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LIPSTA Membership Form - English


Benefits of Membership:

  • PTA creates the village that helps to raise our kids and strengthen our community.
  • PTA links families to important school and community information.
  • PTA hosts fun, educational clubs, programs and events for our families.
  • PTA raises money to support the specific needs of our school.
  • PTA engages in school and digital safety initiatives.
  • PTA offers kids the opportunity to explore the arts and develop critical thinking, teamwork and creativity.
  • PTA inspires a love of reading and enhances students’ book and literary options.
  • PTA encourages healthy lifestyles and food choices for every family.
  • PTA tracks local, state and national policies every day so we can advocate for what’s best for our students, families and schools.
  • PTA believes we can make every child’s potential a reality ...