Are you interested in volunteering for our 2021/22 activities? Contact Serina Adams at liptsavpfv@gmail.com

    2020/21 Accomplishments and Engagements

    • Fall Festival, Pumpkin Carving and Online Contest 
    • LISD Rishii Center Pond Cleaning
    • Back-to-School Clothing Swap
    • Support of LISD Technology Levy
    • Ongoing Teacher + Staff Appreciations Campaign
    • Lobo Love Event
    • School Beautification - assisted the school with a few beautification projects to help welcome students back
    • May 3-7 Staff Appreciation Week 


    • Endorsement of LISD Capital Levy
    • Endorsement and advocacy of the LISD Technology Levy
    • Recipient of National PTA grant to assist with Covid relief to support social emotional learning and mental health of students by helping set up an out door program and working with the Lopez Library to establish a New Games Library

    Do you have an idea for a LIPTSA-sponsored program or event? Please respond to these questions in an email to liptsavpfv@gmail.com.

    Thank you!